• Jose Manuel Rozas

    Retrato de J.M. Rozas

    Picture of J.M. Rozas

    The value of a life is not measured by its duration and you, you were young as the elect.

    For those who knew you, we have the consolation of having had GREAT husband, a GREAT father, a GREAT teacher and a GREAT FRIEND.

    And there will always be a GREAT ARTIST to humanity ¡¡¡


    On November 9, 1944, the ARTIST Jose Manuel Rozas was born in Bilbao. Today is the 75th anniversary of his birth. An event that should be joyful, becomes a sad day for family and friends. As it appears in his epitaph “The value of a life is not measured by its duration”. He is not […]

  • Today is a sad day

    Today is a sad day for the family and friends of José Manuel Rozas. And it is also a sad day for those people who enjoy art. Today 35 years ago a “neighborhood thug” cut his life. But his work is still alive and that is why we encourage you to visit the web and thus […]

  • In Memoriam September-75

    To the memory of those who lost their lives to defend freedom. Today is a day of sad memory for those shot on 27-09-75. Title of the work: Burgos Process – Year: 1976 – Measures: 55×38