The value of a life is not measured by its duration, and you, you left young like chosen ones.

For those who knew you, we have the consolation of having had GREAT husband, a GREAT father, a GREAT teacher and a GREAT FRIEND.

And there will always be a GREAT ARTIST to humanity ¡¡¡

Jose Manuel Rozas

(Bilbao 1944 – Sukarrieta 1983)


In 1967 he made his first exhibition in Bilbao, then after in many other localities, with more than 50 exhibitions until 1983, endorsed by the critics of the time.

Artistic Reviews

Critics of the time praised his work at every exhibition. Here you can see some of the articles published in written press and specialized magazines.

Posthumous Poems

After his tragic death, poets from the Bizkaia Artistic Association, of which Rozas was a member, wanted to capture with their pen the feeling that his disappearance produced in them.


With a surreal style in his paintings and sculptures, his creative imagination travels searching for freedom and social justice. He was an artist committed to society. His painting and sculpture complaint the deficiencies of the social aspects.

News from J. M. Rozas

El Correo: A Teacher to recover

El Correo: A Teacher to recover

In the newspaper El Correo, Gerardo Elorriaga wrote: "A Teacher to recover" "The recovery of legacies is a tool that rewrites the history of art. Academic research makes it possible to recover forgotten creators, reinsert them into the currents of their time and give...

Kulturklik: Ondare, guided tour with Ander Lopez

Kulturklik: Ondare, guided tour with Ander Lopez

  Guided tour of the José Manuel Rozas Exhibition in the Sala Ondare directed by its curator Ander López. At 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, and as part of the activities scheduled to publicize the quality of the works that make up the Exhibition that the Sala...

Ondare Hall exhibition – Bilbao

Ondare Hall exhibition – Bilbao

  From June 13 to September 30, 2023, in the Ondare Hall, located at Maria Diaz de Haro, 11, Bilbao, there will be the exhibition "JOSE MANUEL ROZAS", where you can see oil paintings and sculptures from the family colection, private colections and property of...

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