1978 Catedral 98x42x42

On November 9, 1944, the ARTIST Jose Manuel Rozas was born in Bilbao.

Today is the 75th anniversary of his birth. An event that should be joyful, becomes a sad day for family and friends.

As it appears in his epitaph “The value of a life is not measured by its duration”. He is not among us because a bastard reaped his life. But we have his pictorial and sculptural work.

A work that reflects his continuous search for freedom, social justice, sociological reflections and where he turns his truths into ART.

In his works we find themes of rabid news. Migrants who cross infinite oceans without knowing what awaits them on the other side. People looking for “social habitats” as the only housing possibility. Culture has to reach every corner. Human miseries that are exposed in order to reach a goal. And so, a long etcetera.

It has been said about him, for example:

– “The idea is nothing if it is not well said and Rozas says it all well”

– “Producer of a work that transcends aesthetics and makes it a meticulous, respectable result, which does not need more guarantees than those of its own discovery, its contemplation”

– “Rozas has the advantage of having a few years and, nevertheless, he points out all the good forms that lead us to an unusual result: the complete artist”.

The best way for an artist not to die is for his work to be known. Therefore we encourage you to invite your contacts to know your page.

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